C Series

Perfect in low demand commercial environments

G Series

Perfect in demanding commercial environments

U Series

Perfect in the highest demanding commercial environments

At Polar, we like to make sure you get the best appliances for your use and have broken down our range into 3 separate categories. Click below to find the most appropriate series for your use.


Professional Cooling. Green Thinking.

For over 15 years, Polar Refrigeration has built a reputation as a trusted brand amongst commercial caterers across the globe. Our range is high quality, diverse and at an excellent price point. We offer a range of fridges and freezers suitable for a variety of kitchen needs and requirements, blast chillers capable of chilling your hot food, prep counters to make preparing your food convenient, wine and bottle coolers for maximum storage in bars and restaurants, and ice makers that are amongst the most user friendly in the commercial market.


Spare Parts

Comprehensive support and spare parts available

Service & spares enquiries: 0845 111 0538

Email: Spares@Polar-refrigerator.co.uk

Trusted by the trade

Over 300,000 units sold globally

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